Sunset Park Christian Church offers many services and possibilities for weddings. Our sanctuary, an ideal setting for traditional or non-traditional church weddings, comfortably seats 100 and comes equipped with sound system, organ, and piano. Our pastor is available for weddings and wedding consultation.

We can offer anything from a basic rental to a simple wedding service to a package that can include flowers, musicians, wedding cake, and refreshments. We have a large activity room with a kitchen that can beautifully host a reception. Sunset Park Chrisian Church is located in a quiet and quaint neighborhood setting, adjacent to several commercial districts which provide many possibilities for rentals of nearby restaurants or reception facilities.

Every wedding is different, and we stand ready to help plan your wedding with an eye toward your                                                                      specific needs and budget.

A MOMENT IN TIME… by Deborah Suzanne

There was a moment in time
when the light shone so bright
that it blinded the heart as well as the mind
and you saw so clearly what was right.
Though it started out blind
on a course with no rhyme
there seemed to be a reason for this moment in time
and you struggled to believe it was right.
It’s not easy to capture
a love that will last.
If you don’t hold that moment, it soon will be passed
and you’ll wonder why life moved so fast.
But the seed of great love
was planted that day
when you saw the many ways you were the same.
Then a moment in time made it all fall into place.
Like the earth after a stormy rain,
the fears and doubts washed away.
And as your vision of the future began to take shape,
that moment in time did not escape.
Everyone needs a big dream
and someone to share it, before it’s achieved.
It’s the top of the mountain you’re trying to reach,
but it’s the climb up you’ll remember, not the peak.
And even today when your vows are made
you’ll remember the moment your life changed.
That moment in time when the light shown so bright
that it blinded the heart as well as the mind
and you’ll remember that you always knew it was right.

(Written and read for my niece Jodi Durell on her wedding day)